13. Virtus et Humanitas: Virtues and Values in Greco-Roman, Jewish and Christian Paideia at the Turn of the Common Area (2022)

Sun., 29. May– Fri., 3. June 2022

Location: Nord University, Norway

Meeting Chairs:


While much has been written about education in antiquity, very little of it has been devoted to this crucial aspect of education. This is astonishing, given the fact that the transmission of values has always played a fundamental role in education, from antiquity to the present.

Values are often understood as drafts for the execution of a good life, which then take shape in guidelines or certain norms. In turn, these norms shape and support the relationship one has not only to oneself but also to one’s fellow human beings and to the gods. Values hold societies and epochs together, but they are also culturally and contextually bound.

In ancient Greco-Roman, Jewish, and Christian literature we find extensive discussions as to desired and appropriate virtues and values. This seminar will focus on these unique and varying viewpoints, exploring them both in terms of knowledge content and knowledge transfer.

This examination will take place within the framework of an interdisciplinary discussion between experts in the history and literature of the ancient Mediterranean world and experts in the educational sciences.

Therefore, in our seminar we will begin by working from the primary source materials, presenting a value (or values) found in an ancient text and attempting to understand it contextually. We will then detach it from its literary-historical context and look at it conceptually or comparatively against the background of ancient and/or current theories of education.

The 2022 conference at the Bodø campus will focus on the following materials and fields:

  1. Philosophy
  2. Greek, Roman
  3. Hebrew Bible
  4. Pseudepigrapha
  5. Philo, Josephus
  6. New Testament
  7. Education

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