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Louis H. Feldman (1926-2017)


Born in Hartford, Connecticut in 1926, Feldman earned his undergraduate and master’s degrees from Trinity College before receiving a doctoral degree in classical philology from Harvard University. He joined YU as an instructor in humanities and history in 1955, was appointed a full professor of classics in 1966 and subsequently was named the Abraham Wouk Professor of Classics and Literature. A ...

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Albert Baumgarten reviews “Jacob Neusner: An American Jewish Iconoclast” by Aaron Hughes

Neusner Bio Aaron Hughes blend

Reviews of the Enoch Seminar 2017.03.04 Aaron W. Hughes, Jacob Neusner: An American Jewish Iconoclast. New York: New York University Press, 2016. ISBN: 978-1-4798-8585-5. Pp. 319. $35.00. Hardcover. Albert I. Baumgarten Bar Ilan University  i Aaron Hughes’ book, Jacob Neusner: An American Jewish Iconoclast opens with the observation that: Jacob Neusner is one of the most important scholars in the history ...

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The Sense(s) of History – 1st Enoch Colloquium (Harvard; Nov 16-17, 2017)


The Sense(s) of History: Ancient Apocalypses and Their Temporalities This colloquium focuses on the diverse senses of history within ancient apocalypses. The goal of our conversation will be to better understand the religious experiences and imaginations of the authors (and readers) of this literature by integrating analyses of Jewish and Christian apocalypses with anthropological discussions of historicity and multiple temporalities. ...

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The Dead Sea Scrolls Seventy Years Later

JohnPaul2Uni_Lublin Poland

The Dead Sea Scrolls Seventy Years Later: Manuscripts, Traditions, Interpretations, and Their Biblical Context John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland October 25, 2017 – October 26, 2017 Seventy years have passed since the first surviving Jewish manuscripts from the Second Temple period were discovered. Their contents, gradually made accessible to the scholarly world, have altered many long-established opinions ...

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James VanderKam introduces Gabriele Boccaccini at SBL Midwest Regional

VanderKam_Boccaccini_SBL Regional 2017

Gabriele Boccaccini opened the SBL Midwest Regional Conference (Notre Dame) with a talk on the forgiveness of sins in Enoch and the Synoptic Gospels. The presentation was based on Boccaccini’s research published in Gabriele Boccaccini and Loren T. Stuckenbruck, eds., Enoch and the Synoptic Gospels: Reminiscences, Allusions, Intertextuality. Early Judaism and Its Literature. SBL Press, 2016.

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New Perspectives and Contexts in the Study of Islamic Origins – 8th Nangeroni Meeting (Florence; June 11-16, 2017)

Florence Italy

The 8th Nangeroni Meeting will be held in Florence, Italy. Major speakers include: Gabriel Said Reynolds (University of Notre Dame) Boaz Shoshan (Ben Gurion University) Averil Cameron (University of Oxford) Tommaso Tesei (Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem) Other participants (to be confirmed): Manfred Kropp, Mohammad Ali Amir-Moezzi, Stephen Shoemaker, Dwight Swanson, Philip Wood, Alba Fedeli, Isaac Oliver, Michael Bonner… ==Tentative schedule== ...

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9. Camaldoli 2017


9th Enoch Seminar, June 18-23, 2017: “From tôrāh to Torah: Variegated Notions of Torah from the First Temple Period to Late Antiquity” Chairs: William M. Schniedewind (University of California at Los Angeles) and Jason M. Zurawski (University of Groningen), in collaboration with Gabriele Boccaccini (Director of the Enoch Seminar). Date: June 18-23, 2017 Place: Monastero di Camaldoli, Camaldoli, Italy Area ...

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