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The Enoch Seminar is an SBL Affiliate


We’re pleased to announce that the Enoch Seminar was approved as an affiliate of the Society of Biblical Literature. This is an important recognition of the work we have done over the years and presents an opportunity to expand our activities in connection with the American and International Meetings of the SBL, especially through our new Enoch Seminar Colloquia.

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Latest in Reviews of the Enoch Seminar

New Reviews July 2017

Rodney A. Caruthers II reviews Futre Pinheiro, Judith Perkins, and Richard I. Pervo, eds., The Ancient Novel and Early Christian and Jewish Narrative. Groningen, 2012. Robert Foster reviews Jason M. Silverman, Persepolis and Jerusalem: Iranian Influence on the Apocalyptic Hermeneutic. T&T Clark, 2012. Simon Crisp reviews K. Fuller Dow, Craig A. Evans, and Andrew W. Pitts, eds., The Language and Literature of the ...

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Second Temple Jewish Paideia in Context (ed. Jason Zurawski and Gabriele Boccaccini)

Jewish Paideia2

Just published! – Proceedings of the Fifth Nangeroni Meeting. Despite the impressive strides made in the past century in the understanding of Second Temple Jewish history and the strong scholarly interest in paideia within ancient Greek, Hellenistic, Roman, and late antique Christian cultures, the nature of Jewish paideia during the period has, until recently, received surprisingly little attention. The essays ...

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1. Boston 2017


The Sense(s) of History: Ancient Apocalypses and Their Temporalities This colloquium, organized in collaboration between the Enoch Seminar and Harvard Divinity School, aims to explore the varying historicities and temporalities present in ancient apocalyptic literature as a means to enhance our understanding of its historical and religious significance in terms of ontologies, epistemologies, and socio-political imaginations. To achieve this goal ...

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The Dead Sea Scrolls Seventy Years Later

JohnPaul2Uni_Lublin Poland

The Dead Sea Scrolls Seventy Years Later: Manuscripts, Traditions, Interpretations, and Their Biblical Context John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland October 25, 2017 – October 26, 2017 Seventy years have passed since the first surviving Jewish manuscripts from the Second Temple period were discovered. Their contents, gradually made accessible to the scholarly world, have altered many long-established opinions ...

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