4. Boston 2020

The Fourth Enoch Colloquium (online)

12 November 2020 – 10am-4:30pm EST

Theme: The Place of Matthew within the Diversity of Second Temple Judaism and the Jesus Movement

The Gospel of Matthew has often been dubbed the “most Jewish Gospel.” But what does this evaluation even mean? If it is so Jewish, how so? What about the Jewishness of other Gospel texts such as Mark, Luke, and John? And what does “Jewish,” in any case, mean in Matthew’s time? In this session, the Enoch Seminar continues to critically appreciate the Jewish context and texture of early Christianity by focusing on Matthew’s particular relationship with(in) Judaism. Invited specialists will discuss anew the distinctive character of Matthew’s Gospel as they seek to relate it to its Jewish milieu in all of its complexity.

This meeting is an online event. Registration is free but required. Please contact the event secretary, Joshua Scott, for more details (scottjos@umich.edu).

Location: Online (Zoom invitation will be sent to participants in early November)


9:30am-10am – Informal Gathering of Participants – Welcome

10am-10:15am — Introduction (15 m ) – Status quaestionis and goals of the colloquium – Anders Runesson

10:15am-12:00am The Place of Matthew within the Diversity of Second Temple Judaism

  • What are the major features of Matthew’s Judaism?
  • What do we mean by “Jewish” in Matthew’s time?
  • Which (other) kind of Judaism is Matthew most closely related to?
  • What is the place of Matthew within Jewish Sectarianism?

Gabriele Boccaccini (Chair)

  • Albert Baumgarten (10 min)
  • Daniel Gurtner (10 min)
  • John Kampen (10 min)
  • A.-J. Levine (10 min)

Discussion (65 mn)

12:00-1:00 am – Break

1:00am-2:45pm- The Place of Matthew within the Diversity of the Jesus Movement

  • What does it mean that Matthew is the most Jewish Gospel?
  • Why Matthew, and not Luke or Mark or John?
  • Is it proper to distinguish NT texts as “more” or “less” Jewish?
  • What is the place of Matthew within the Jesus movement?

Gabriele Boccaccini (Chair)

  • Gabriele Boccaccini (10 mn)
  • Kathy Ehrensperger  (10 mn)
  • Isaac W. Oliver (10 mn)
  • Karin Zetterholm (10 mn)

Discussion (65 mn)

3pm – 4:30pm Wrap-up session (90 mn). [Live on Facebook]

Confirmed Participants:

Albert Baumgarten (panelist)
Gabriele Boccaccini (panelist)
Akiva Cohen
Jim Davila
Kathy Ehrensperger (panelist)
Trenton R. Ferro
Roy Fisher
Jörg Frey
Daniel Gurtner (panelist)
Rebecca Harris
Årstein Justnes
John Kampen (panelist)
Ryan Lambert
A.-J. Levine (panelist)
Jocelyn McWhirter
Eva-Charlotta Mebius
Daniele Minisini
Eric Noffke
Isaac W. Oliver/de Oliveira (panelist)
Amy Richter
Vernon Robbins
Anders Runesson
Timothy B. Sailors
Lawrence Schiffman
Joshua Scott
David C. Sim
David Andrews Smith
Joel Wildermuth
Karin Zetterholm (panelist)