8. Online 2021

The Eighth Enoch Graduate Seminar will be held April 29-30th, 2021 online via Zoom conference. The seminar will be chaired by Jackie Wyse-Rhodes (Bluffton University), Deborah Forger (Dartmouth College), and Rodney Caruthers (Gustavus Adolphus College).

The Enoch Graduate Seminar is an international convening of doctoral students where the goal is to share innovative research ideas in a collegial environment. Participants will gather for two days online to present and discuss papers on a variety of topics related to their field of research. Participants are expected to read the papers beforehand to maximize conversational engagement. Multiple sessions will be held for presenters to share their research and receive constructive and supportive feedback. Each paper will receive 35 minutes of discussion following a brief introduction.

The seminar welcomes doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers to present papers and participate in general discussion. Participants from various fields related to and including Hebrew Bible, Pseudepigrapha, Apocrypha, Qumran Scrolls, as well as Christian and Rabbinic literature are invited to attend.

Proposals for papers (500-1,000 words) must be submitted by January 22, 2021. Completed papers (maximum 6,000 words, not including notes) are due February 26th, 2021 for review by the seminar committee. Completed papers will be made available in advance for all participants to read before the first day of the seminar.

Please contact the Secretary of the seminar, Rodney Caruthers (rodneyc@gustavus.edu), for registration details and submission of proposals and papers.