Enoch Seminar Members

The Enoch Seminar is an academic group of international specialists in Early Judaism, Christianity and Islam, who share the results of their research in the field and meet to discuss topics of common interest. Since 2001, more than two hundred scholars have attended our meetings. Here are some of the participants.

A – William Adler (United States), Paul Anderson (United States), Joseph Angel (United States), Luca Arcari (Italy), Daniel Assefa (Ethiopia), Kenneth Atkinson (United States), Harold W. Attridge (United States)

thumbnail   180848_10150406980845602_666665601_17296534_5548390_n   imgres-15   Luca_Arcari-e1392055805381   addis238   kennethaktinson-3   attridge_1

B – Florentina Badalova Geller (Germany), Giovanni Bazzana (United States), Albert I. Baumgarten (Israel), Kelley Coblentz Bautch (United States), Andreas Bedenbender (Germany), Jonathan Ben-Dov (Israel), Gabriele Boccaccini (United States), Darrell Bock (United States), Christfried Boettrich (Germany), Michael Bonner (United States), Daniel Boyarin (United States)

FBGeller   bazannagiovanni_0   imgres-8      KelleyCoblentz-Bautch1smallurl  16233  Boccaccini   2aa25ee8-47d1-4580-9c2f-4fce44ae9143-220   imgres-1   image   boyarinphotops

C – William Campbell (Wales), Calum Carmichael (United States), James Charlesworth (United States), Esther Chazon (Israel), Randall D. Chesnutt (United States), Adele Yarbro Collins (United States), John J. Collins (United States)

william-campbell   carmichael   people-james-charlesworth   Esther_Chazon   randall_chesnutt   imgres-10   imgres-9

 D – James Davila (Scotland), April DeConick (United States), Marcello Del Verme (Italy), David Arthur DeSilva (United States), Devorah Dimant (Israel), Lorenzo DiTommaso (Canada), Vicente Dobroruka (Brazil), Lutz Doering (Germany), Henryk Drawnel (Poland), Guillaume Dye (Belgium)
James_R._Davila   april-deconick   s200_marcello.del_verme  312mPs3DSVL._UX250_   Devorah_Dimant   DiTommaso   s200_vicente.dobroruka   doering_1_1_193x193   drhd_120   études_coraniques

E – Jason von Ehrenkrook (United States), Kathy Ehrensperger (Wales), Pamela Eisenbaum (United States), Torleif Elgvin (Norway), Rachel Elior (Israel), J. Harold Ellens (United States), Esther Eshel (Israel)

vonehrenkrook1   kathy-ehrensperger-1   2544a22   elgvinportr   imgres-2   6798976   Esti-Eshel

F – Daniel K. Falk (United States), Crispin Fletcher-Louis (England), Deborah Forger (United States), Steve D. Fraade (United States), Paula Fredriksen (United States), Ida Fröhlich (Hungary)

image_normal   large_crispin.fletcher-louis   Deb Pict 3   518pvi4XeCL._UX250_   Paula_Fredriksen   fényképFröhlich1k

G – Andre Gagne (Canada), Florentino Garcia Martinez (Netherlands), Gabriella Gelardini (Switzerland), Claudio Gianotto (Italy), Charles Gieschen (United States), Matthew Goff (United States), Emilio Gonzales-Ferrin (Spain), Lester L. Grabbe (England), Eric Gruen (United States)

C_VUBIDI  garciamartinez_f  s200_gabriella.gelardini   2128348--PICT0149   imgres-11   With-Humboldt-Fellowship-religion-professor-will-travel-to-Germany-in-search-of-ancient-giants-450x450   s200_emilio.gonzalez-ferrin   Lester_L._Grabbe   erichgruen

H-J – David Hamidovic (Switzerland), Matthias Henze (United States), Martha Himmelfarb (United States), Karina Martin Hogan (United States), Larry Hurtado (Scotland), Giovanni Ibba (Italy)

hamidovic   Henze   600px-Himmelfarb   Karina   500px-Larry_Hurtado   Giovanni_Ibba

K – John Kampen (United States), Jonathan Kaplan (United States), Michael A. Knibb (England), Klaus Koch (Germany), Robert A. Kraft (United States), Manfred Kropp (Germany), Helge S. Kvanvig (Norway), Alexander Kulik (Israel)

john-kampen-portrait.800x0   m6mnm6iRrQ   250px-Michael_Knibb   KKOCH   Robert_A._Kraft   helgesk-150   ManfredKropp   _IMG_1311866992

L – Liv Ingeborg Lied (Norway), Judith Lieu (England), Joseph Levi (Italy), John R. Levison (United States), William Loader (Australia), Basil Lourie (Russia), Jared W. Ludlow (United States)

s200_liv_ingeborg.liedJudith-Lieu   Rabbino-Joseph-Levi   61VcllB6SeL._UX250_   187   imgres-16   Ludlow_Jared

M-N – Grant Macaskill (Scotland), Paul Mandel (Israel), Eric F. Mason (United States), Luca Mazzinghi (Italy), James McGrath (United States), Simon Mimouni (France), Hiny Najman (England), Mark D. Nanos (United States), George W. E. Nickelsburg (United States), Eric Noffke (Italy)

Photo_on_14-09-2015_at_11_Fotor   s200_paul.mandel   Eric-Mason-2_Faculty-Profile   11-0   imgres-12   arton118   hindy   Nanos 2   imgres-7   185px-Noffke

 O – Gerbern S. Oegema (Candada), Isaac W. Oliver (United States), Andrei A. Orlov (United States), Mauro Perani (Italy), Anders Klostergaard Petersen (Denmark), Stephen Pfann (Israel), Antonio Pinero (Spain), Pierluigi Piovanelli (Canada), Meira Polliack (Israel), Anathea Porter-Young (United States)

oegema   185px-Isaac_W._Oliver   Orlov_2009   Foto   csm_klostergaard-petersen_a352475fca   stephpfan   200px-AntonioPinero   pierluigi-piovanelli   s200_meira.polliack   Thea Portier-Young 2011

R – Tessa Rajak (England), Annette Yoshiko Reed (United States), Adele Reinhartz (Canada), Benjamin Reynolds (Canada), David Rudolph (United States), Jacques van Ruiten (Netherlands)

csm_rajak_ab68a8f6fe   reed   1433435943250   b-reynolds-podcast_2   imgres-3   ????????????????????????????????????

S – Paolo Sacchi (Italy), Timothy B. Sailors (Germany), Lawrence H. Schiffman (United States), William Schniedewind (United States), Carlos Segovia (Spain), Shayna Sheinfeld (United States), Stephen Shoemaker (United States), Gregory Sterling (United States), Michael Stone (Israel), Loren T. Stuckenbruck (Germany), David Suter (United States)

e8e06084-d137-408b-8e58-46ee5ee6b04b_0   Lawrence_H._Schiffman   8   61znSsTnT-L._UX250_   imgres-13    imgres   sterling_rel   Michael_Stone   imgres-3   David_Suter

T-Z – Balatz Tamasi (Hungary), Eibert J.C. Tigchelaar (Netherlands), James C. VanderKam (United States), James Waddell (United States), Ralph Williams (United States), Benjamin Wold (Ireland), Archie T. Wright (United States), Benjamin Wright (United States), Azzan Yadin (United States), Magnus Zetterholm (Sweden), Ziony Zevit (United States), Jason Zurawski (United States/Netherlands)

Tamasi   s200_eibert.tigchelaar  James_C._VanderKam   e2f8559f7d4c6b0bae8b6d198728ae64   williamsRalph    Wold_Benjamin   ArchieWright_small   Ben Wright   azzan   hermeneutics-zetterholm   ziony-zevit   jason.zurawski

Memorial List:

Hanan Eshel, 1958-2010 (Israel) – Shemaryahu Talmon, 1920-2010 (Israel)
Hanan_Eshel2   imgres-6