Latest in Reviews of the Enoch Seminar

The Reviews of the Enoch Seminar (RES) has published new reviews:

1) Christine Hayes reviews Jesus and the Forces of Death (Matthew Thiessen):

2) Daniel Gurtner reviews Torah, Temple, and Transaction (Alex Ramos):

3) Gavin McDowell reviews Die Kurze Chonographische Paleja:

4) Joshua Scott reviews Reception of Jesus in the First Three Centuries:

5) Joseph Scales reviews Identity and Territory (Eyal Ben-Eliyahu):

The Reviews of the Enoch Seminar  is the digital book review service of The Enoch Seminar Online.

The editorial board members:

  • Magdalena Díaz Araujo, University of La Rioja; National University of Cuyo
  • Robert Foster, Madonna University
  • Michael Gabizon, McMaster University
  • Gavin McDowell, Université Laval
  • Isaac W. Oliver/de Oliveira, Bradley University
  • Eshbal Ratson, Tel Aviv University
  • Joshua Scott, University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

If you would like to suggest a book for review or volunteer reviewing for RES, please contact Isaac W. Oliver/de Oliveira at