Rome 2018 – Papers

Andrew Higginbotham – Melek v’lo Malcha : A Proposed Herodian Background for Sifre Devarim 157

Tal Ilan – Pheroras’ Wife: A Pharisee Woman

Amy-Jill Levine – Women Itinerants, Jesus of Nazareth, and Historical-Critical Approaches: Reevaluating the Consensus

Gerbern Oegema – Female Authorship in Jewish Antiquity? 

Gerbern Oegema –  Response to Betsy Halpern Amaru’s “The Empowerment of Women in the book of Jubilees: Considerations and Reconsiderations”

Anders Klostergaard Petersen – Dismantling the Judaism-Hellenism Binary in the Context of Judaic Notions of Gender and Sexuality during Late Second Temple Jewish Religion

Adele Reinhartz – Women and Gender in the Gospel of John

Joshua Scott – Gender and Paul’s Apocalyptic Communities: Gal 3:28 and 1 Cor 11:10 as Case Studies

Shayna Sheinfeld – Gender and Second Temple Judaism: Challenges & Possibilities

Angela Standhartinger – Female Officiants in Second Temple Judaism

Chontel Syfox – Transcending Gender Limitations: Rebekah’s Usurpation of the Patriarchal Role in the Book of Jubilees

Moshe Taube – Asher’s daughter and Nebuchadnezzar’s wife: two women who significantly affected Jewish History and made their way from Midrashic Literature into Russian Chronicles

Daniel Vorpahl – The Reinforcement of Patriarchy and the (De)Construction of Gender Roles in Jubilees’ Reception of the Jacob-Esau-Narrative

Meredith Warren – Response to Standhartinger’s, “Female Officiants in Second Temple Judaism”