Camaldoli 2016

The Nangeroni Meeting on “John the Jew: Reading the Gospel of John’s Christology in light of Jewish Messianism” will be held in Camaldoli, Italy from June 19-24, 2016.

Conference Committee:

Gabriele Boccaccini, Benjamin Reynolds, Deborah Forger

Confirmed Participants:

Paul Anderson, Kelley Coblentz-Bautch, James Davila, Jörg Frey, Charles Gieschen, William Loader, Grant Macaskill, James McGrath, Andrei Orlov, Adele Reinhartz, Shayna Sheinfeld, Loren Stuckenbruck, Meredith Warren, and Catrin Williams.

The purpose of the sixth Nangeroni meeting is to explore the Gospel of John’s christology, traditionally considered to be “high christology,” as part of the diversity of Jewish messianism within the Second Temple Period. The focus of discussions will address John’s depiction of the messiah in relation to the following topics: “divinity” and a divine messiah, the Incarnation, wisdom traditions, Enoch traditions and the Son of Man, Davidic expectations, and Moses and Torah. The following questions will serve to guide our sessions: How and in what ways can the Gospel of John’s messiah be situated within Second Temple Period Judaism? Can John’s christology be seen as a part the diversity of Jewish messianism? If so, should it still be labeled a high christology? Can the Johannine messiah be considered “divine”? Were there other divine messiahs in Second Temple Judaism? What do we mean by “divine” and “divinity”? Is there a relationship between John’s λόγος and the Jewish sapiential tradition? What, if any, sort of relationship exists between Second Temple interpretations of the “one like a son of man,” particularly in the Parables of Enoch, and what we find in the Gospel of John? How do Nathanael and the Jerusalem crowd’s “King of Israel” and Pilate’s “King of the Jews” influence our perspectives on Davidic/kingship traditions in Second Temple Judaism, especially in light of Roman rule? How do the Moses traditions in the Gospel of John add to our understanding of prophetic messiah expectations of the time?


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