Second Temple Judaism and Christian Origins: Retrospect and Prospects

A Partnership Between Enoch Seminar and the Frankel Center for Judaic Studies (12-13 April, 2022)

Chairs: Gabriele Boccaccini and Joshua Scott

Language: English

Location: Rackham East and West Conference Rooms (University of Michigan-Ann Arbor) and Zoom

The Frankel Institute for Advanced Studies dedicated this year to the study of Second Temple Judaism and Christian origins. This two-day event is an opportunity to reflect as a community upon the past, present, and future of the field of Second Temple Judaism that is increasingly more complex (methodologies, geography, intergenerational) and its place within Judaic Studies. The hybrid event is organized in a seminar format and welcomes the 2022 Frankel Fellows, members of the University of Michigan community, and two special guests in the field of Second Temple Judaism, Prof. John Collins (Yale Divinity) and Prof. Amy-Jill Levine (Hartford International University/ Vanderbilt University – Emerita ). Each day will close with a public lecture by our distinguished guests.


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Provisional Schedule

Schedule is based on Eastern Standard Time (New York Time)

Tuesday, April 12:

9:00-9:15am  Welcome – Introduction to the Year-End Event (Gabriele Boccaccini)
9:15-10:30am  Session 1 – John J. Collins, ‘Second Temple Judaism: A Contested Field’  (pre-circulated paper)
10:45am-12pm  Session 2 – AJ Levine, ‘Jesus and the Liberal Academy: From First Century Jew to Twenty-First Century Anti-Fascist’  (pre-circulated paper)
2-4pm  Session 3 – Reading Session: The Similitudes of Enoch (Kelley Coblentz Bautch)
6-7:30pm  Public Lecture: John Collins, ‘Varieties of Judaism and the Origin of Christianity’

Wednesday, April 13:

10-12pm   Session 4 – Material culture (Michael; Cate; Gregg)
2-4pm  Session 5 – ‘Second Temple Judaism and Christian Origins: Retrospect and Prospects,’ Frankel Fellows Roundtable Discussion
6-7:30pm  Session 6 – Public Lecture: AJ Levine, ‘When the Bible becomes weaponized: Detecting and disarming Jew-hatred’