1st Enoch Colloquium at Harvard University, and 6th Enoch Seminar Reception at the SBL Annual Meeting, 153rd (Boston, MA; November 16-18, 2017)


The 153rd Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) will be held in Boston, MA (Nov 18-21, 2o17).

The Meeting will be preceded by the 1st Enoch Colloquium (Nov 16-17) at Harvard University on: “The Sense(s) of History: Ancient Apocalypses and Their Temporalities.”

The 6th Enoch Seminar Reception at the SBL will be held on Sat 18 evening.


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  1. Lic. Laura Bizzarro

    Dear Giovanni Bazzana

    I want to participate in the The Sense(s) of History – 1st Enoch Colloquium (Harvard; Nov 16-17, 2017). I am member of Enoch Seminar, I had been in Milano, Gazzara in 2011, whit Gabrielle Boccaccini and all.

    I want to participate because I am making may doctoral tesina in the Sense of History at Pontifical Catholic University in Buenos Aires, Argentine. Please send me the instruction to make my papers. I will participate in the Annual Meeting of SBL in Boston this year.
    Please contact which me as soon as posible. lafabi@hotmail.com.ar

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