The Enoch Seminar at 2018 SBL (Denver)

We are pleased to invite all members and friends of the Enoch Seminar to the following four events offered at this year’s Society of Biblical Literature meeting in Denver, CO.

(1) Fri, Nov 16 (12-2 pm) – “Paul the Jew: A Discussion with Mark Nanos and Gabriele Boccaccini”

Mark Nanos and Gabriele Boccaccini will meet from 12-2 pm on Friday, November 16, in the Spruce Room (I.M. Pei Tower Building, Mezzanine Level) – Sheraton Downtown to discuss their respective approaches to Paul’s Jewishness. The goal of the meeting (chaired by Isaac Oliver) is to have a conversation between Pauline scholars and Second Temple specialists on how to read Paul as a Second Temple author within the diversity of 1st century Judaism. Articles selected for the basis of conversation will be distributed prior to the meeting. A panel consisting of Isaac Oliver, Kathy Ehrensperger, and Loren Stuckenbruck will introduce the general discussion. If you would like to participate, Please RSVP n to the meeting secretary, Joshua Scott, ( by November 1, 2018, in order to receive in advance the articles and responses for discussion. Light refreshments will be served.

(2) Sat, Nov 17 (7-9:30 pm) – Enoch Seminar Reception and Festschrift Boccaccini

Our yearly reception is scheduled for 7-9:30 pm on Saturday, November 17 in the Crystal Ballroom B (Third Level) – Embassy Suites Downtown. This year’s reception will celebrate our 2018 meetings and publications. In addition, the evening will be marked by a Festschrift presentation for Prof. Gabriele Boccaccini, the Founding Director of the Enoch Seminar.

(3) Sun, Nov 18 (1-2 pm) – Panel discussion on the “Encyclopédie des messianismes juifs dans l’Antiquité”

Gabriele Boccaccini will host a panel discussion on the “Encyclopédie des messianismes juifs dans l’Antiquité” (Peeters, 2018) from 1-2 pm on Sunday, November 18, in Room 607 (Street Level) – Convention Center. This new work collects modern discussion of the past four decades on important aspects of messianism. Other panelists include John J. Collins (Yale University), Annette Reed (New York University), Martin Leuenberger (Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen), Giovanni Bazzana (Harvard University), Christophe Nihan (Université de Lausanne), and David Hamidovic (Université de Lausanne).

(4) Sun Nov 18 (2-3:30 pm) – Business Meeting

Immediately following the panel discussion in Room 607, the Board of Directors and Friends of the Enoch Seminar are invited gather to reflect upon the success and future direction of our research consortium. Join us from 2-3:30 pm as we discuss topics for future meetings, potential publications, and our online presence.


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