New Board of Directors (2020-2025)

According to our Bylaws, the governance of the Enoch Seminar is renewed every 5 years. Please welcome the new Board of Directors for the Enoch Seminar (2020-2025):

Director, Vice-Directors (2020-2025): 

Gabriele Boccaccini, University of Michigan, USA (Founding Director)
Kelley Coblentz Bautch, St. Edward’s University Austin, USA (Vice-Director)
Loren Stuckenbruck, University of Munich, Germany (Vice-Director) [on leave]
 Boccaccini      loren_stuckenbruck2

Board of Directors (2020-2025): 

Lorenzo DiTommaso, Concordia University Montreal, Canada (acting Vice-Director)
Kathy Ehrensperger, Abraham Geiger College, University of Potsdam
Deborah Forger, Dartmouth University, USA
Gabriella Gelardini, Nord University, Norway
Matthias Henze, Rice University, USA
Liv Ingeborg Lied, Norwegian School of Theology, Norway
Isaac Oliver de Oliveira, Bradley University, USA
Benjamin E. Reynolds, Tyndale University, Canada
Cecilia Wassen, Uppsala University, Sweden
Archie T. Wright, Regent University, USA
Jason M. Zurawski, University of Groningen, Netherlands (General Manager)

DiTommaso   Kathy Ehrensperger | Universitaet Potsdam -   Deb Pict 3

Gabriella Gelardini - Nord universitet  Henze    185px-Isaac_W._Oliver

6. Camaldoli 2016 | Welcome to Enoch Seminar Online   Cecilia Wassen   ArchieWright_small


Heads of Departments:

  download  imgres-5
Nature within early Jewish and Christian literature | The Bluffton ...   image   imgres-13
James McGrath, Butler University, USA (social media coordinator)
Jason von Ehrenkrook, University of Massachusetts, Boston, USA (Enoch Seminar Website & Newsletter)
Rodney Caruthers, Ashland Theological Seminary, USA (Enoch Graduate Seminar)
Jackie Wyse Rhodes, Bluffton University, USA (Enoch Graduate Seminar)
Joshua Scott, University of Michigan, USA (Secretary)
Shayna Sheinfeld, University of Sheffield, UK (social media)

Advisory Board:

Daniel Assefa, Capuchin Franciscan Institute Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
Albert Baumgarten, Bar-Ilan University, Israel
Esther Chazon, Hebrew University Jerusalem, Israel
John Collins, Yale University, USA
Paula Fredriksen, Boston University, USA
Ida Fröhlich, Catholic University Budapest, Hungary
Lester Grabbe, University of Hull, England
Annette Reed, New York University, USA
Adele Reinhartz, University of Ottawa, Canada
Benjamin Wright. Lehigh University, USA
 Values Expressed through African Symbols: An Ethiopian Theological ...   Albert I. Baumgarten   Prof. Esther G. Chazon | Department of Hebrew Literature
John J. Collins | Yale Divinity SchoolPaula Fredriksen | Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Academia.eduIda Fröhlich (b.1949), Hungarian scholar - 4 Enoch: The Online ...
Lester L Grabbe | University of Hull -    Annette Yoshiko Reed
Jesus and the Pharisees: Speakers - International Conference    

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