AJS 10th Annual Conference: Session on “Judaism in Late Antiquity” (Boston, MA; December 17-19, 1978)

The 10th Annual Conference of the Association for Jewish Studies (AJS) was held at the Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston, MA (December 17-19, 1978).

The conference included a session on “Judaism in Late Antiquity,” chaired by Robert Goldenberg.

Chairman: Robert Goldenberg (Wichita State University)
~ The Uses of Divine Names for Oaths and Curses in the Law of the Dead Sea Scrolls
Lawrence H. Schiffman (New York University)
~ R. Judah I and R. Elazar b. Shammua: A Reappraisal
Albert I. Baumgarten (McMaster University)
~ From Mishnah to Gemara: The Beginnings of Third Century Rabbinic Activity
Baruch M. Bokser (University of California, Berkeley)
~ Historiography in the Service of Text Criticism: The Case of Mar ‘Uqba Av Bet Din (Shab. 55a)
David M. Goodblatt (University of Haifa)

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