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Louis H. Feldman (1926-2017)


Born in Hartford, Connecticut in 1926, Feldman earned his undergraduate and master’s degrees from Trinity College before receiving a doctoral degree in classical philology from Harvard University. He joined YU as an instructor in humanities and history in 1955, was appointed a full professor of classics in 1966 and subsequently was named the Abraham Wouk Professor of Classics and Literature. A ...

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Joseph Mélèze-Modrzejewski (1930-2017)

Joseph (Józef) Mélèze-Modrzejewski (1930-2017) was a Polish French scholar. Born in Poland, began there his academic career. In 1958 he moved to French, where he taught for thirty years (until 1999) the legal and social history of the Hellenistic world at the Faculty of Law of Paris and at the Sorbonne. From 1979 to 2010, he also taught the history ...

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Giovanni Garbini (1931-2017)


Giovanni Garbini (1931-2017), one of Italy’s greatest Orientalists, passed away on January 2 in Rome. A Professor at the University of Rome, he wrote extensively about the Ancient Near East and the History of Israel. A free, critical, non-conformist mind in his often-provocative, always-intriguing approach to ancient sources. We will miss him.

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Joseph A. Fitzmyer (1920-2016)


Joseph A. Fitzmyer (1920-2016) passed away on Christmas Eve 2016. He was an American Catholic priest of the Society of Jesus and professor emeritus at the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. A Biblical scholar and one of the editors of the Jerome Biblical Commentary (1990), he will also be remembered for his numerous contributions to the Dead Sea Scrolls and Second ...

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James M. Robinson (1924-2016)

James m robinson

James M. Robinson (1924-2016) was Professor of Religion at Claremont Graduate University. Founder and director of the Institute for Antiquity and Christianity. Widely known for his pioneering work on the Q Gospel and the Nag Hammadi codices.

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Enoch and the Synoptic Gospels: Reminiscences, Allusions, Intertextuality (ed. Loren T. Stuckenbruck and Gabriele Boccaccini; 2016)

Enoch Synoptic Gospels

Just published! — “The Jesus movement was not an Enochic movement but an outgrowth of the Enochic movement. The Synoptics are not Enochic texts but an answer to an Enochic problem” (Boccaccini, p.167). — Papers from the 7th Enoch Seminar (Camaldoli 2013). — “Since Richard Laurence published the first English translation of 1 Enoch in 1821, its importance for an ...

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