Heavenly Journeys in Judaism and Christianity, Ancient and Mediaeval – 1st Enoch Colloquium (Berlin, Germany; Aug 2-4, 2017)

<postponed> The First Enoch Symposium will be held in Berlin in early August, immediately before 2017 ISBL, which also will be held in Berlin.  Our Symposium will examine the subject of heavenly ascents in early and late antique Judaism and Christianity. Our focus will be on the myriad expressions of the trope, in light of the full evidence (the later books of the Hebrew Bible, ...

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Heikki Räisänen (1941-2015)

Heikki Räisänen (1941-2015) was a Finnish scholar. Born in Helsinki, Räisänen received his doctorate in 1969 at the University of Helsinki. He was professor of New Testament studies at the University of Helsinki from 1974 until his retirement (2006). He was internally known for his studies on Paul and the New Testament. Räisänen published his memoirs in Finnish in 2014 ...

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