The Early Enoch Literature (ed. Gabriele Boccaccini and John J. Collins; 2007)

Additional papers from the first two Enoch Seminar (2001-2003). — “In recent years there has been a lively debate about the early Enoch literature and its place in Judaism. This volume is intended to represent that debate, by juxtaposing pairs of articles on several key issues: the textual evidence, the relationship to the Torah, the calendar, the relation to wisdom, the ...

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Enoch and Qumran Origins: New Light on a Forgotten Connection (ed. Gabriele Boccaccini; 2005)

Papers from the 2nd Enoch Seminar (Venice 2003). — “The rediscovery of Enochic Judaism as an ancient movement of dissent within Second Temple Judaism, a movement centered on neither temple nor torah, is a major achievement of contemporary research. After being marginalized, ancient Enoch texts have reemerged as a significant component of the Dead Sea Scrolls library unearthed at Qumran. ...

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