Enoch and the Messiah Son of Man: Revisiting the Book of Parables (ed. Gabriele Boccaccini; 2007)

Papers from the 3rd Enoch Seminar (Camaldoli 2005). — “Distinguished in the field of Enochic studies, Gabriele Boccaccini led the way in June 2005 at the Third Enoch Seminar, entirely devoted to the Book of Parables in light of Second Temple Judaism and Christian origins. The unusual and compelling collection of essays found here reflects the spirit of sharing and dialogue ...

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The Early Enoch Literature (ed. Gabriele Boccaccini and John J. Collins; 2007)

Additional papers from the first two Enoch Seminar (2001-2003). — “In recent years there has been a lively debate about the early Enoch literature and its place in Judaism. This volume is intended to represent that debate, by juxtaposing pairs of articles on several key issues: the textual evidence, the relationship to the Torah, the calendar, the relation to wisdom, the ...

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Enoch and Qumran Origins: New Light on a Forgotten Connection (ed. Gabriele Boccaccini; 2005)

Papers from the 2nd Enoch Seminar (Venice 2003). — “The rediscovery of Enochic Judaism as an ancient movement of dissent within Second Temple Judaism, a movement centered on neither temple nor torah, is a major achievement of contemporary research. After being marginalized, ancient Enoch texts have reemerged as a significant component of the Dead Sea Scrolls library unearthed at Qumran. ...

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