Upcoming (2017)

New Perspectives and Contexts in the Study of Islamic Origins – 8th Nangeroni Meeting (Florence; June 11-16, 2017)

Florence Italy

The 8th Nangeroni Meeting will be held in Florence, Italy. Major speakers include: Gabriel Said Reynolds (University of Notre Dame) Boaz Shoshan (Ben Gurion University) Averil Cameron (University of Oxford) Tommaso Tesei (Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem) Other participants (to be confirmed): Manfred Kropp, Mohammad Ali Amir-Moezzi, Stephen Shoemaker, Dwight Swanson, Philip Wood, Alba Fedeli, Isaac Oliver, Michael Bonner… ==Tentative schedule== ...

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1st Enoch Colloquium at Harvard University, and 6th Enoch Seminar Reception at the SBL Annual Meeting, 153rd (Boston, MA; November 16-18, 2017)


The 153rd Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) will be held in Boston, MA (Nov 18-21, 2o17). The Meeting will be preceded by the 1st Enoch Colloquium (Nov 16-17) at Harvard University on: “The Sense(s) of History: Ancient Apocalypses and Their Temporalities.” The 6th Enoch Seminar Reception at the SBL will be held on Sat 18 evening. ...

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