Virtual Book Reviews

Gabriele Boccaccini, Paul’s Three Path’s to Salvation (30 September, 2021)

3:00-5:00pm EST/New York Time, 30 September 2021

What did Paul, as an apocalyptic Jew and follower of Jesus, think about the concept of Salvation? Paul did not convert nor break with his inherited traditions but was part of the lively diversity of Second Temple Judaism. Boccaccini’s ‘Paul’s Three Paths to Salvation’ is an attempt to reconcile the many facets of Paul’s complex Jewish identity while reclaiming him from accusations of intolerance. Boccaccini’s work in reestablishing Paul as a messenger of God’s mercy to sinners is an important contribution to the ongoing conversation about Paul’s place in the contemporary pluralistic world.

This review panel includes an introduction by the author (Gabriele Boccaccini), review presentations by Lisa Bowens (Princeton Theological Seminary), Isaac Oliver (Bradley University), Matthew Novenson (University of Edinburgh), Cecilia Wassen (Uppsala University), and Emma Wasserman (Rutgers University), followed by an open dialogue among participants.

Download Boccaccini’s presentation here [pdf of powerpoint]

Cecilia Wassén & Tobias Hägerland, Jesus the Apocalyptic Prophet (17 June, 2021)

10:00am-12:00pm EDT/New York Time, 17 June 2021

What can we know about Jesus? In this new English language translation of Den okände Jesus (The Unknown Jesus), Cecilia Wassén and Tobias Hägerland consider Jesus as an apocalyptic prophetic figure within the context of first-century Judaism and reconstruct the life of Jesus from his birth to his death, with a focus on understanding him in the context of his own time and place. Engaging critically with the sources, they examine Jesus’ life in order of events and draw together the threads of scholarly discussion on the history, archaeology and geography of first-century Galilee, forming a complete picture of Jesus’ world suitable for non-specialists and university students.

This review panel includes an introduction by the authors (Cecilia Wassén and Tobias Hägerland), review presentations by Amy-Jill Levine (Vanderbilt University), James Crossley (St. Mary’s University), and Gabriele Boccaccini (University of Michigan – Ann Arbor), followed by an open dialogue among participants

A Guide to Early Jewish Texts and Traditions in Christian Transmission (November 12, 2020)

A presentation (on Nov 11) of the book, A Guide to Early Jewish Texts and Traditions in Christian Transmission, edited by Alexander Kulik et al. (New York: Oxford University Press, 2019). The volume is a major contribution to the study of the reception of Second Temple Jewish literature in Christian context.