Enoch, Adam, Melchizedek: Mediatorial Figures in
2 Enoch and Second Temple Judaism

Naples, 14 – 18 June 2009
Cappella Cangiani

Chairs: Andrei A. Orlov, Marquette University, USA
Gabriele Boccaccini, University of Michigan, USA
Marcello Del Verme, University of Naples, Italy

The Fifth Enoch Seminar was organized by the Michigan Center for Early Christian Studies, the University of Michigan (Dept. of Near Eastern Studies), and the University Naples “Federico II”, in collaboration with and the University of Naples “L’Orientale.”
The Seminar focused on the role of Enoch, Adam and Melchizedek as mediatorial figures in Second Temple Judaism, with special emphasis on 2 Enoch.
Eighteen papers circulated in advance and were discussed at the conference, at the introduction of 18 respondents. Among the newcomers: Harold Attridge, Christfried Boettrich, Rachel Elior, Steven Fraade, Gabriella Gelardini, Alexander Kulik, Jack Levison, Basil Lourie, Eric Mason, Ludmilla Navtanovich, Alexander Toepel, Johannes Tromp.
The Proceedings will be published by Eerdmans.

Session 1: The Text of 2 Enoch

Session 2: Enoch’s Roles and Titles in Early Enochic Booklets and 2 Enoch

Rachel Elior  2 Enoch and 3 Enoch

Session 3: The Content of 2 Enoch

Lawrence H. Schiffman  Halakhic Elements in 2 Enoch

Session 4: The Adamic Tradition

Session 5: The Melchizedek Tradition

Session 6: Interactions: Enoch, Adam, and Melchizedek

Charles Gieschen  Enoch andMelchizedek

Special Session: Short Papers

  • Daphna Arbel, University of British Columbia, Canada
  • Luca Arcari, University of Naples, Italy
  • Daniel Assefa, Ethiopia, France
  • Harold Attridge, Yale University, USA
  • Florentina Badalanova Geller, Royal Anthropological Institute, England
  • Albert I. Baumgarten, Bar-Ilan University, Israel
  • Kelley Coblentz Bautch, St. Edward’s University, USA
  • Andreas Bedenbender, Humboldt University, Germany
  • Gabriele Boccaccini, University of Michigan, USA
  • Darrell Bock, Dallas Theological Seminary, USA
  • Christfried Böttrich, Greifswald University, Germany
  • Daniel Boyarin, University of California at Berkeley, USA
  • Silviu Bunta, University of Dayton, USA
  • Calum Carmichael, Cornell University, USA
  • James H. Charlesworth, Princeton Theological Seminary, USA
  • Marianne Dacy, University of Sydney, Australia
  • James R. Davila, St. Andrews University, Scotland
  • Devorah Dimant, University of Haifa, Israel
  • Lutz Doering, King’s College London, England
  • Henryk Drawnel, Catholic University of Lublin, Poland
  • Rachel Elior, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
  • J. Harold Ellens, University of Michigan, USA
  • Esther Eshel, Bar-Ilan University, Israel
  • Hanan Eshel, (1958-2010), Bar-Ilan University, Israel
  • Crispin Fletcher-Louis, St Mary’s London, England
  • Steven Fraade, Yale University, USA
  • Ida Fröhlich, Catholic University of Budapest, Hungary
  • Gabriella Gelardini, University of Basel, Switzerland
  • Claudio Gianotto, University of Turin, Italy
  • Charles Gieschen, Concordia College, USA
  • Lester L. Grabbe, University of Hull, England
  • Emmanouela Grypeou, Center for the Styudy of Jewish-Christian Relations, England
  • Lara Guglielmo, University of Manchester, England
  • Joost L. Hagen, Leiden University, Netherlands
  • Matthias Henze, Rice University, USA
  • Pieter van der Horst, Utrecht University, Netherlands
  • Alexander Kulik, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
  • John R. Levison, Seattle Pacific University, USA
  • Basil Lourié, Scrinium. Revue de patrologie d’hagiographie critieque et d’histoire ecclésiastique, Russia
  • Jared Ludlow, Brigham Young University, USA
  • Grant Macaskill, St Andrews University, Scotland
  • Eric Mason, Judson University, USA
  • Luca Mazzinghi, Central Italy Theological Seminary, Italy
  • Anissava Miltenova, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria
  • Liudmila Navtanovich, University of Barcelona, Spain
  • Rivka Nir, The Open University of Israel, Israel
  • Andrei A. Orlov, Marquette University, USA
  • Stephen Pfann, University of the Holy Land, Israel
  • Pierluigi Piovanelli, University of Ottawa, Canada
  • Lawrence H. Schiffman, New York University, USA
  • Carlos Segovia, Camilo José Cela University, Spain
  • Daniel Stökl Ben-Ezra, CNRS, France
  • Michael Stone, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
  • David W. Suter, Saint Martin’s College, USA
  • Alexander Toepel, University of Tübingen, Germany
  • Johannes Tromp, Leiden University, Netherlands
  • Pieter M. Venter, University of Pretoria, South Africa



  • Anne Kreps, University of Michigan, USA
  • James Waddell, University of Toledo, USA
  • Jason M. Zurawski, University of Michigan, USA