Austin 2016 – papers

Giancarlo P. Angulo – Speaking Righteousness: The Teacher of Righteousness, Collective Memory, and Tradition at Qumran

Carson Bay – ΑΓΓΕΛΟΣ and ΔΑΙΜΩΝ/ΔΑΙΜΟΝΙΟΝ according to Flavius Josephus: Establishing a Supernatural Vocabulary

Christopher Brenna – The Divine Warrior Tradition in Joseph and Aseneth

Christina Bryant – “Death is a Fearful Thing”: The Female Personification of Death in 4Q184

Rodney A. Caruthers – Jewish Narrative Composition and Authorial Commentary: An Explanation for the Variant Origins of the Septuagint in Aristobulus, Philo, and Josephus

Enno H. Dango – Exploring the Qur’anic Concept of Individual Responsibility as an Allusive Critique to the Alleged Concept of Predestination of its Jewish and Christian Audience

Elena Dugan – A (More) Elegant Universe: The Astronomical Book against its Seleucid Context

Joshua Falconer – Spectres of the Ethiopic Book of Jubilees in the Qurʾān

Sarah E. G. Fein – “Such a Time as This”: Women and Resistance in the Early Jewish Imagination

Jason Ford – Judgment as the Eschatological Plan in the Apocalypse of Abraham

Michael Gabizon – The Development of the Matrilineal Principle in Ezra-Nehemiah, Jubilees and Acts

Ilona Gerbakher- The Throne of Iblīs is Upon the Waters: Discovering Chaos, Coincidentia Oppositorum and the Savage God in Islam

Rebecca Harris – Torah and Transformation: The Centrality of Torah in the Eschatology of 2 Baruch

Nathan Hays – Orphanhood and Parenthood in Joseph and Aseneth

Simon Krause-Heiber – The Theological Character of the Old Latin Version of Esther

G. Anthony Keddie – The Lives of the Prophets and the Archaeology of Burials in Early Roman Judaea

Jacob Lollar – Of Lawgivers, Priests, and Prophets: Philo and the Alexandrian Jews as an Allegory of Moses and the Israelites in the De Vita Mosis

Barbara Oudová-Holcátová – Reading Pre-Islamic References in the Quran

Jesse Peterson – Is Coming Into Existence Always a Harm? Qoheleth in Dialogue with David Benatar

Bradley N. Rice – From the Watchers to the Sethites to the Magi: Reinterpretations of Genesis in the Syriac Revelation of the Magi 

Kyle Roark – Why is Watchers Concerned with Antediluvian History?: Native Competition Over the Origins of Civilization and the Rhetoric of Watchers

María Enid Rodríguez – Mary’s Response – Talking Back to God…or Not: An Exegetical Comparison of Luke 1:26-38 and Q 19:16-22 

Ethan Schwartz – From the Torah of Life to the Gospel of Eternal Life: The Deuteronomistic Framework of John’s Realized Eschatology

Tyler A. Stewart- Putting Adam in his Place: The Resurrection Cosmology of Psalm 8 in 1 Corinthians 15