6. Milan 2011

2 Baruch – 4 Ezra: 1st Century Jewish Apocalypticism

Gazzada (Milan), 26 – 1 July 2011

Villa Cagnola


Matthias Henze, Rice University, USA


Gabriele Boccaccini, University of Michigan, USA

The Sixth Enoch Seminar was organized by the Michigan Center for Early Christian Studies and the University of Michigan (Department of Near Eastern Studies), with the sponsorship of the Alessandro Nangeroni International Endowment.
The Seminar focused on the Jewish Apocalypses of the 1st century, with particular reference to 2 Baruch and 4 Ezra. 12 papers circulated in advance and were discussed at the conference, at the introduction of 12 respondents
A session was held at the Ambrosiana Library where the only extant manuscript of 2 Baruch is preserved. Among the newcomers: Giovanni Bazzana, Randall D. Chestnutt, Lorenzo DiTommaso, Karina M. Hogan, Liv Ingeborg Lied, Paul Mandel, Carol A. Newsom, Michael Satlow.