Milan 2011 – Papers

Public session at the Catholic University of Milan: End of Times: Fear or Hope

Session 1: 2Baruch/4Ezra and Apocalyptic Literature

Session 2: 2Baruch/4Ezra and Apocalyptic Literature

John J. Collins Enoch and Ezra
Hindy Najman Con-figuring 4Ezra

Session 3: A Close Reading of 2Baruch/4Ezra

Session 4: 2Baruch/4Ezra and Early Christian Literature

Adela Yarbro Collins The Uses of Apocalyptic Eschatology

Session 5: 2Baruch/4Ezra and Rabbinic Literature

Session 6: The Nachleben of 2Baruch/4Ezra

Special Session: Short Papers

Lorenzo DiTommaso Who Is the ‘I’ of 4 Ezra?
J. Harold Ellens 4 Ezra: Apocalyptic as Delusion
William Loader Sexual Issues in 2 Baruch