Rome 2016 — Papers

Giovanni Bazzana — INIMICUS HOMO? The Presentation of Paul in the Pseudo-Clementine Novel

George P. Carras – Jewish Sensibilities and the Search for the Jewish Paul: Reception of the Lukan Paul on Jewish Sensibilities of the Undisputed Pauline Letters?

William Campbell — ‘You who once were far off have been brought near’ the Ethne-in-Christ according to Ephesians

James H. Charlesworth — Should one Ignore Acts in Pauline Research and Was there a “Parting of the Ways” Before 136 CE According to Acts?

David R. Nienhuis — Reading James, Re-Reading Paul

Eric Noffke — Ephesians in the Jewish political debate of the first century: Rethinking Paul’s approach in facing new challenges

Isaac W. Oliver — The First Radical Perspective on Paul: The Calling of Paul in the Acts of the Apostles

Ilaria L.E. Ramelli — Paul’s Problematic Relation to Judaism in the Seneca-Paul Original Correspondence (2nd Century CE?)

David Sim — Jew Against Jew: The Reception of Paul in Matthew’s Christian Jewish Community

Matthew Thiessen — The Jewish Paul’s Construction of Gentiles in Ephesians

James Waddell — The Shadow and the Substance: Early Reception of Paul the Jew in the Letter to the Colossians

Benjamin White – Gentile Judaizing in the Dialogue with Trypho 47: A Test Case for Justin’s Reception of Paul

Joel Willitts — John of Patmos and Paul the Apostle: Antinomy or Affinity?