3. San Diego 2019

The Third Enoch Colloquium:


1:00 PM to 5:30 PM

Room: 23A (Upper Level East) – Convention Center

Theme: “The Gospel of John: Anti-Jewish or Radical Jewish Sectarianism?”

“The Gospel of John: Anti-Jewish or Radical Jewish Sectarianism?”

A four-hour workshop with Adele Reinhartz (University of Ottawa) and Gabriele Boccaccini (University of Michigan), chaired by Deborah Forger (Dartmouth College).

The relationship between the Gospel of John and Early Judaism has long been contested. In this colloquium, a group of Johannine scholars and Second Temple specialists will discuss the extent to which John’s Gospel can be seen as a Jewish text, with special attention to the Gospel’s use of the term Ioudaioi as well as the question of John’s relationship to the so-called “parting of the ways” between Judaism and Christianity.

The workshop will take as its starting point Adele Reinhartz’s new book Cast Out of the Covenant (Rowman & Littlefield, 2018), as well as the volume edited by Benjamin Reynolds and Gabriele Boccaccini, Reading the Gospel of John’s Christology as Jewish Messianism (Brill, 2018). Reinhartz and Boccaccini will open with some brief comments and then there will be a panel of respondents, who will introduce the general discussion where all invited participants will be asked to act as respondents.

San Diego, CA; SBL Meeting; Fri 22 Nov. 2019, 1-3pm, 3:30-5:30pm

*Photo by Rufustelestrat, hosted on Wikimedia Commons


To view the Pre-Circulated Papers for this meeting, click on the paper titles of each respective author below:

Opening Remarks:

  1. Adele Reinhartz, University of Ottawa, Some Thoughts on Cast Out of the Covenant
  2. Gabriele Bocaccini, University of Michigan, The Gospel of John as a Product of Radical Jewish Sectarianism


  1. Jörg Frey, University of Zurich, paper forthcoming
  2. Alan Culpepper, Mercer University, paper forthcoming
  3. Marianne Meye Thompson, Fuller Seminary, paper forthcoming
  4. Benjamin Reynolds, Tyndale College, Response Paper
  5. Meredith Warren, University of Sheffield, paper forthcoming


“How can a Gospel that is so Jewish also be so anti-Jewish?” (Adele Reinhartz). “The contemporary emphasis on ancient Jewish diversity allowed us to read the Gospel of John as a first-century Jewish text and John’s Christology as a variant of first-century Jewish messianism” (Gabriele Boccaccini)

At the center of the conversation will be the problem whether the Gospel of John should be defined as a “Jewish” or “anti-Jewish” document (or both or neither).

The goal is to offer an opportunity of dialogue between Johannine specialists and Second Temple scholars.

Confirmed Participants include:

  1. Paul Anderson, George Fox University
  2. Harold Attridge, Yale Divinity School
  3. Lori Baron, Saint Louis University
  4. Gabriele Boccaccini, University of Michigan
  5. Andrew Byers, Durham University
  6. Wally Cirafesi, University of Oslo
  7. Colleen Conway, Seton Hall University
  8. Alan Culpepper, Mercer University
  9. Douglas Estes, South University-Columbia
  10. Deborah Forger, Dartmouth College
  11. Paula Fredriksen, Boston University, Hebrew University
  12. Jörg Frey, University of Zurich
  13. Charles Gieschen, Concordia Theological Seminar
  14. Bob Hall, Hampden-Sydney College
  15. Angela Kim Harkins, Boston College
  16. Karina Hogan, Fordham University
  17. Susan Hylen, Emory University
  18. Karen King, Harvard Divinity School
  19. Craig Koester, Luther Seminary
  20. Naomi Koltun-Fromm, Haverford College
  21. Kasper Bro Larsen, Aarhus University
  22. Jonathan Lo, Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary
  23. Bill Loader, Murdoch University
  24. Francisco Lozada, Brite Divinity School
  25. James McGrath, Butler University
  26. Jocelyn McWhirter, Albion College
  27. Hugo Méndez, University of North Carolina
  28. Marianne Meye Thompson, Fuller Theological Seminary
  29. Alicia Myers, Campbell University
  30. Matthew Novenson, University of Edinburgh
  31. Mark Nanos, University of Kansas
  32. Isaac Oliver, Bradley University
  33. Adele Reinhartz, University of Ottawa
  34. Benjamin Reynolds, Tyndale University
  35. Serge Ruzer, Hebrew University
  36. Joshua Scott, University of Michigan
  37. Tyler Smith, University of Salzburg
  38. Loren Stuckenbruck, University of Munich
  39. Urban von Wahlde, Loyola University
  40. Meredith Warren, University of Sheffield
  41. Catrin Williams, University of Wales
  42. Archie Wright, Regent University
  43. Karin Zetterholm, Lund University
  44. Ziony Zevit, American Jewish University