Early Islam: The Sectarian Milieu of Late Antiquity?

Milan, 15 – 19 June 2015

Villa Cagnola

Chair: Guillaume Dye
Co-Chair: Gabriele Boccaccini


The meeting aimed at re-examining afresh formative Islam in its the late-antique context. There were panels on the following topics: (1) Early Islam and Enochic Traditions , (2) Early Islamic Eschatology , (3) Early Islamic Sources in Light of a “Theology of Salvation” , (4) The Making of the Islamic Prophet , (5) Epigraphic Sources for the Study of Qur’ānic Origins , (6) The Qur’ān in Light of Traditio-Historical Criticism , (7) Method and Theory in the Study of Islamic Origins .
Major papers were offered by Guillaume Dye, Emilio González Ferrín, Manfred Kropp, Annette Yoshiko Reed, Carlos A. Segovia, Tommaso Tesei, and Stephen J. Shoemaker. Short papers on the aforementioned general topics were also presented. All pre-circulating papers were introduced briefly (5 min.) by the authors before being discussed by the participants (respondents were allowed 10 min. to respond before the general discussion begins).

Proceedings: A volume will be published with the proceedings of the conference, which overall purpose is to contribute to the renewed study of Islamic origins in close dialogue with scholars working on the late-antique Near East, Second Temple Judaism, Rabbinic Judaism, and early Christianity.