All papers presented at the various meetings of the Enoch Seminar (Enoch Graduate Seminar, and Nangeroni Meeeting) are available to subscribers. They offer a window onto real-time conversations that contain proposals intended to probe, test, and explore the limits of evidence and methods, rather than to represent for one particular view. Readers are encouraged to engage these working papers as models of collegial and vigorous exchange that can provoke their own thinking and lead to new questions. Unlike their published form, these copyrighted essays remain, by their nature, provisional, experimental, incomplete. They are therefore unsuitable and unintended for citation, unless otherwise indicated.

Reviews and news published on this website are peer-reviewed, copyrighted material and may therefore be cited, provided that reference is made of the source as follows: “Enoch Seminar Online (”

All articles, based on papers presented at meetings of the Enoch Seminar and revised for publication, shall acknowledge that they were “originally presented” under the auspicies of the Enoch Seminar. Once they are published in journals or edited volumes, they may be cited using to the ordinary academic criteria for citation.