The meeting aims at re-examining afresh Paul’s Jewish background, his criticism against the Roman Imperial order, and his contribution to early Christian identity formation. We plan to have panels on the following topics: (1) Paul within Second Temple Judaism, (2) Paul and Second-Temple Jewish Apocalypticism, (3) Paul and Second-Temple Jewish Messianism, (4) Paul and the Law, (5) Paul and Empire, (6) Paul, Anti-Semitism, and Early Christian Identity Making, (7) Is There a ‘Two-Way Salvation’ in Paul? Major papers will be offered by Gabriele Boccaccini, William Campbell, Pamela Eisenbaum, Larry Hurtado, Davina Lopez & Todd Penner, David Rudolph, and James Waddell. Short papers on any of the aforementioned general topics will also be welcome. The pre-circulating papers shall be presented briefly (5 min.) before being discussed by the participants. They should be submitted by March 1, 2014. This will allow respondents and other participants enough time to prepare their responses. Scholars who have heretofore confirmed their participation or expressed their interest to attend include: Kathy Ehrensperger, Paula Fredriksen, Caroline Johnson Hodge, Mark Nanos, Eric Noffke, Isaac Oliver, Antonio Piñero, Jeremy Punt, Anders Runesson, Timothy Saylors, Sze-kar Wan, Magnus Zetterholm, Albert Bamgarten, Jonathan Ben-Dov, Gerbern Oegema, Michael Satlow, Azzan Yadin, and other members of the Enoch Seminar. A volume will be published with the proceedings of the conference, which overall purpose is to contribute to the contemporary re-reading of Paul as a Jewish author by analysing some of the most controversial issues currently addressed in Pauline scholarship in close dialogue with Second Temple studies.

For further information, visit the website 4 Enoch, and contact the secretary of the Conference, Jason Zurawski.