Krister Stendahl (1921-2008) was a Swedish scholar. Born in Stockholm, Sweden, Stendahl was ordained in the Church of Sweden in 1944 as a Lutheran pastor. He received his PhD from Uppsala University in 1954, writing his dissertation on the Dead Sea Scrolls. After graduating from Uppsala, Stendahl immediately took a position at Harvard University as a professor of New Testament studies. Stendahl remained affiliated with Harvard for over 50 years as a Professor and Dean (1968-1979), though he left for brief periods to serve as Bishop of Stockholm (1984-1988) and to teach at Brandeis University (1991-1993). Stendahl participated actively in interfaith dialogue, serving as chair of the World Council of Churches’ Consultation on the Church and the Jewish People, and he also worked passionately to include women in ministry. Stendahl died on April 15, 2008.