The 7th Enoch Graduate Seminar was held at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, on July 26th-28th. The doctoral students from all over the world shared their innovative ideas and methods in a collegial and friendly atmosphere under the supervision of David Hamidovic (Professor of Jewish Apocryphal Literature and History of Judaism in Antiquity) in collaboration with Eleonora Serra (PhD. candidate). Each participant submitted the highlights of their research—with topics covering the Hebrew Bible, Pseudepigrapha and Apocrypha, Qumran manuscripts, the New Testament and Early Christian Literature, and Islamic texts—and received critical feedback from the other participants. One aspect that impressed all of the participants was the quality of the conversation. Indeed, the participants demonstrated a deep, reflexive knowledge of the field with a strong grasp on the latest advances in scholarship.

Graduate students were also given the opportunity to engage the work of three senior scholars (Thomas Römer, Jörg Frey, and David Hamidovic), who showcased different methodologies at work in their research. These lectures included ample time for discussion, permitting students a chance to respond critically with their own questions and perspectives.

The seminar concluded with a panel discussion with Simon Butticaz (New Testament), Nicolas Meylan (History of Religions), and Innocent Himbaza (Hebrew Bible). Each presented a prospective research agenda for the coming years. Once again, the dialog that ensued was intense and constructive, a microcosm of the richly stimulating interactions that characterized the seminar as a whole.
David Hamidovic, Chair