The First Enoch Colloquium was successfully held at Harvard University in the days before the SBL American Meeting at Boston. Around 40 international specialists gathered to discuss the different concepts of time in Jewish apocalypticism and the broader Greco-Roman world. Among them were many veterans of the Enoch Seminar, like the chairs Giovanni Bazzana and Gabriele Boccaccini, and John and Adela Collins, Loren Stuckenbruck and Kelley Bautch, Matthias Henze, Lorenzo DiTommaso, Michael Stone e Gerbern Oegema, as well as distinguished newcomers, suc as Paul J. Kosmin, Charles Stewart, Rebecca Wollenberg, Yyona Trnka-Amhein and Duncan MacRae, who have added new important  multidisciplinary perspectives to our study on Jewish Apocalypticism. The Enoch Seminar is grateful to Harvard University and all those who have contributed to the success of the event.