Samuel Sandmel (1911-1979) was a Jewish-American scholar. Born in Dayton, OH on September 11, 1911. After graduating from the University of Missouri in 1932, received his rabbinical training at Hebrew Union College and was ordained in 1937. Studied New Testament at Duke University and then Yale, where in 1949 he completed his PhD and began his teaching career. From 1949-1952 Sandmel held one of the country’s few professorships in Jewish studies, the Hillel Chair of Jewish Religion and Thought at Vanderbilt University. In 1952 he returned to Hebrew Union College as Professor of Bible and Hellenistic Literature. Was Provost of the College (1957-1966), and was named Distinguished Service Professor in 1966. A prolific and influential author, was deeply engaged in the Jewish-Christian dialogue. For decades established himself as the leading Jewish authority on the New Testament and early Christianity in the United States. Died in Cincinnati, OH on November 4, 1979.