Hannah Adams (1755-1831) was an American scholar and Christian author. Born in Medfield, MA, in a time in which women had no access to the academia, she learned Latin and Greek from the divinity students who boarded with her father. An independent scholar and largely self-taught, she became a prolific writer, authoring texts in American history, religion and Jewish history. She made literature her profession, unique among women in the early 19th century. She had a lifelong interest in world religions. She wrote View of Religious Opinions(1784) in which she presented the major world religions with special attention and devotion to Christianity. Later it was published under the title Dictionary of Religions. Her major contribution to Second Temple scholarship was The History of the Jews from the Destruction of Jerusalem to the Nineteenth Century (Boston: John Eliot Jr., 1812). She lived her entire life in Massachusetts, traveling rarely and seeing nothing of the outside world.